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About Us ORCA provides access to conferences, meetings and seminars to a wide range of professionals in their field, who can give inspiring talks. On the other hand, conferences, businesses and institutions can contact us to obtain the best possible speakers and make a lasting impression.


Contact us to see how you can be part of our organisations database.

We will be able to match you with the best professionals in their field, whether it is an inspirational, motivational, professional or consultation talk you require.


Contact us to discuss how you can proceed with being part of our speakers database.

We will not only match you with organisations or institutions who require speakers, but we will also guide you with your presentation to perform at your best.

4 Steps to a Successful talk

Decide the topic 

We set up an initial meeting understanding the conference, product you want to launch, or seminar you are organising.

Discuss your budget

We do not have any pre-set plans, as we know that each customer is different. Your requirements are essential to us.

Decide your concept & marketing strategies

We can handle your PR and marketing for the event. Social media, press coverage and our networks are all essential to the success of your event.

Onboard the speakers

Our database of vetted speakers can be essential to your event. You may want to discuss a niche topic. We are here to help you.


Email: info@orcatalks.com
Phone: (00356) 7908 0234

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