4 Steps to a Successful talk

Decide the topic 

Embarking on an initial consultation with Orca Talks, we immerse ourselves in understanding the intricacies of your conference, product launch, or seminar coordination. Our aim is to harmonize with your vision and goals, ensuring a seamless and impactful event outcome. Explore our portfolio of meticulously curated topics that Orca Talks has masterfully organized, showcasing our expertise in orchestrating successful and engaging gatherings.

Discuss your budget

At Orca Talks, we recognize the uniqueness of every client, and as such, we don't offer pre-packaged plans. Your distinct needs hold paramount importance to us.

Our repertoire encompasses a diverse array of events, ranging from engaging webinars and enriching courses to impactful summits. Reach out to us today to delve deeper into the possibilities and gain a comprehensive understanding of how Orca Talks can cater to your specific requirements.

Decide your concept & marketing strategies

At Orca Talks, we're equipped to manage your event's PR and marketing endeavors comprehensively. Leveraging the power of social media, securing press coverage, and tapping into our extensive network are all integral components that contribute to the triumph of your event.

How do you envision marketing your event? Let's explore the strategies and avenues that align with your goals and amplify the impact of your event.

Onboard the speakers

Leveraging Orca Talks' curated database of validated speakers can be a pivotal asset for your event. Whether you're looking to delve into a specialized topic or explore a niche area, our expertise is at your disposal.

We're committed to facilitating meaningful connections. Expect us to link you with a minimum of 5 expert speakers who closely align with your requirements, ensuring the perfect fit for your event's success.

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